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We offer a range an excellent range for accommodation. Book Hotels in Northern Ireland with our secure booking partners or view useful tourist information for visitors to this beautiful area.

Search to find a hotel in Northern Ireland to suit your needs. All rates are loaded direct by our price comparison partners.

Find the low cost rates with Failte Hotels. We are familiar with all area of Northern Ireland and know most of the hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts. Feel free to contact us about any of them you are interested in, or maybe we can recommend specific hotels.

There are many great locations to visit throughout Northern Ireland from high class luxury hotels to guest houses, bed & breakfasts and hotels for visitors. The representatives in Failte Hotels will let you know what are the best places and accommodation if you wish to ask us.

Best Northern Ireland tourist Information

See detailed information about hotel accommodation on Failte Hotels that cater for your  accommodation requirements, be it a fishing hotel or a Irish links golf hotel, then look no further!

Group Bookings

Updated information and key Irish tourist information to visitors staying is available. There are many providers that accept group bookings for stag nights, hen nights or indeed any group booking that range from city centre budget hotels to luxury hotels.

Book a hotel in Northern Ireland direct.

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  • Northenr Ireland: 028 3044 5090
  • Internationally: +44 28 3044 5090

The Failte Hotels booking office is open from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, times are GMT.

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