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Ballycanew (historically Ballyconway, from Irish: Baile Uí Chonnmhaí) is a small rural village in Ireland. It is situated in County Wexford, on the R741 regional road 8 km (5.0 mi) south of Gorey. This road is widely known as the “Coast road”.
his picturesque village was once known as Ballyconway. An old Irish name for Ballycanew is ‘Baile Gan Uaigh’ – Town without a grave.

The earliest reference is 1247 when Theodore de Nevel held lands there. In 1821, the population was 1094, but following the great famine it was reduced to 361.

In the past the Furney family owned a mill, built in 1589 and demolished in 1962. The old creamery was once a thriving industry, with an average of 2.5 million imperial gallons (11,000 m3) of milk supplied per annum. ‘Papa Rhodes’ restaurant is now situated in the old creamery.

In June 1965, a Bronze Age grave was discovered in the Ballycanew Parish. This grave yielded a slightly damaged food vessel and broken human bones. The exact date of the burial is uncertain but is probably more than 3,000 years old

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